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  • WonguthaCAPS
  • Family
  • DedicatedTeam
  • Peer and MentorLearning
  • Training For Life

What Courses Should I follow ?

Wongutha CAPS offers a variety of VET courses. Students are able to choose
which course they would like to participate in. Wongutha also requires
all students to do Agriculture which involves plant production.

Wongutha also offers some WACE subjects and National Curriculum subjects: EALD English, Mathematics,
Agriculture and Workplace Learning. All students are involved
in these subjects.

We are always taking applications for entry during the year. APPLY NOW!!

Meet the people behind Wongutha CAPS

  • Shane started working at Wongutha 17 years ago helping students to bridge the gap between school and the workplace. He has visited communities in the Kimberley and is keen to see students involved in gainful and meaningful employment. Shane taught several subjects at Wongutha, including English and Business for several years and is now the Principal.
  • Harry has been at Wongutha since 1992. He has taught Maths and the Conservation and Land Management (CALM) class. He also teaches Bible and is keen for students to learn about the Christian life and to know God. He takes Church services and encourages students to participate in them. Harry has been a Board member for many years and has the wellbeing of the school always in focus.
  • Cor Bezuidenhout joined Wongutha CAPS at the start of 2016 as boarding Manager. Cor is married to Mariaan and have 3 daughters, Lene[20], Mari[18] and Ena [10]. Mariaan also teaches at Wongutha CAPS. Cor grew up in rural Namibia in Africa spending most of his weekends out on the farm. He studied to be a teacher in South Africa. He worked as a teacher and Boarding House Master in Namibia for 7 years. He then worked in South Africa as a school principal before moving to New Zealand. Cor finds his strength in the Lord and has a deep care and passion for Christian education and changing the lives of students. He strongly believes in working in partnership with the parents and communities to enhance the educational journey and experience of each student.
  • Shane Meyer  Principal
  • Harry Graham  Board
  • Cor Bezuidenhout Boarding Manager

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