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Who can go to Wongutha CAPS?

Students who are turning 15 can apply to come to Wongutha. Students should be prepared to work hard both in the classroom and also in practical subjects. For more information, visit the applications page.

Who Pays?

The Australian Government, through Abstudy, pays for students to attend Wongutha. Wongutha receives the students’ “living away from home” allowance and this pays for students’ food, accommodation and all of the boarding costs.Students receive pocket money each week through the “Go for Gold” program. The amount received varies depending on the level they have reached in the program, which is calculated based on behaviour, work placement level and school level.

What Sport Can I Play?

Wongutha boys are involved in the town football competition. At Wongutha, the students have access to a modern indoor basketball stadium and can play softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, archery and other sports.

Where Will I Live?

There are both boys and girls hostels at Wongutha. Both hostels are well equipped and managed by Aboriginal staff. After hours activites include basketball, football, swimming, fishing, videos, motorcycles, music and outings of all varieties.

What is at Wongutha CAPS?

Wongutha is a 2000 acre farm, with a training centre on 100 acres. The training centre (school) has hostels, classrooms, manual arts complex (metalwork, woodwork and mechanics), library, computer room, basketball stadium, go-kart track, horticultural centre, poultry facility, houses and administration centre.The school also has equipment such as tractors, bicycles, horses, buses and lots more.

What Courses are on offer at Wongutha CAPS?

Wongutha teaches a mixture of school-based subjects (eg Bible and Driver Training), Vocational subjects (eg Metalworking and Construction) and Curriculum council subjects (eg Maths and Literacy).For more information, visit the Curriculum page.

What is the purpose of Wongutha CAPS?

Wongutha CAPS is a Vocational school, which means that students will be trained for apprenticeships, traineeships, employment and pre-apprenticeships or further training.Wongutha CAPS is a Christian School, all the staff are Christians and students receive training in Christian teaching and standards.

Does Wongutha CAPS Have Aboriginal Staff?

Yes. Aboriginal staff at Wongutha include teachers, support staff, and hostel managers and supervisors.

Who Runs Wongutha?

Aboriginal Board members. Nearly all of the Board members are Aboriginal people from the Eastern Goldfields. Many of the board members have been on the CAPS board since it was first formed.

How Long has Wongutha been around?

60 years of training! Aboriginal students have been trained at Wongutha Farm, near Esperance, since 1954;

CAPS took over the training program in 1990, and Wongutha CAPS is now a Years 11 and 12 vocational school for Aboriginal students.

CAPS was formed in 1981, runs three schools, and has gained a reputation for their important contribution to Aboriginal Education.

What Makes Wongutha CAPS Different?

Wongutha CAPS is different from other schools:

  • Wongutha CAPS is non government and managed by an Aboriginal Board based in Kalgoorlie.
  • The school is sited on a farm and all students are involved in some form of land care or agriculture.
  • Wongutha CAPS is only years 11 & 12.
  • Wongutha CAPS only accepts boarders (there is no day school program).
  • The whole educational program is vocationally directed; few general subjects and no TEE subjects are offered.
  • Teachers are a mix of trained teachers and qualified trades people. A student involved in a trade area would be taught by a Trade teacher.
  • All students are intensively prepared for work and then involved in a work experience (Workplace Learning) program. Students in the program are supported by mentors.
  • Many indigenous staff are employed in the school and hostel to ensure that students are supported by a sympathetic environment.
  • The school curriculum is flexible and able to respond to the training requirements for changing employment situations for Aboriginal students.

What is VET?

  • * Vocational education and training (VET) enables students to gain qualifications for all types of employment, and specific skills to help them in the workplace.

    The providers of VET include technical and further education (TAFE) institutes, adult and community education providers and agricultural colleges, as well as private providers, community organisations, industry skill centres, and commercial and enterprise training providers. In addition, some universities and schools provide VET.

    Vocational education and training is provided through a network of eight state and territory governments and the Australian Government, along with industry, public and private training providers. These organisations work together to provide nationally consistent training across Australia.

    The VET sector is crucial to the Australian economy; both for the development of the national workforce and as a major export industry.

  • Wongutha CAPS is a registerd RTO (Registerd Training Organisation) RTO 50504


* information taken from the asqa website; https://www.asqa.gov.au/about/australias-vet-sector




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