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Wongutha CAPS Workplace Learning Policy 2010


Workplace Learning is a program that provides students with the opportunity to develop work skills while continuing with their senior secondary education. It is a valuable aspect of the transition from school to post school opportunities. Wongutha CAPS gives students the opportunity to participate in Workplace Learning one day a week after completing a semester’s program in Work Readiness.

The major goals of the program include:

  • to help students to gain a wide range of employability skills
  • to help students with panning a career
  • to increase self-esteem and confidence in students
  • to help students develop communication skills with people outside the school environment.

Bushranger 21The Course

The Workplace Learning Course that Wongutha CAPS offers is ADWL and is an endorsed Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority course for senior secondary students. The course mostly takes place on-the-job in an industry workplace.

Students must complete a minimum of 55 hours in the workplace per unit, that is, a minimum of 110 hours by the end of the year. The students must also complete a set of 20 employability skills (at least one from each of the 9 areas).

Once students have completed the minimum number of workplace hours and skills, the mentor will record them as having achieved or not achieved the Endorsed Program. The Endorsed Program can help students with the course completion requirements of the WACE.

Students must attend the allocated workplace and work as the workplace supervisor directs them. Most students work in two different workplaces during the year. Wongutha expects students to make a complete commitment to learning in the workplace.

Students need to manage their own learning, to develop skills, ask questions to get feedback about their work performance and to adapt to the workplace environment to do the work they are asked to do.

Recognition of Prior Learning

While they are at Wongutha CAPS student will take part in different Vocational and Educational Training areas. Wongutha will take into account the prior learning that students have already achieved in those areas.

The way the RPL process works


The student will need to complete a self assessment process that is connected with the relevant competencies. This will help the student to show that he or she has achieved those competencies.

Wongutha CAPS will ask the student to gather and put together evidence from different sources that meets the performance criteria for each learning outcome. The student can use this evidence more than once and they should collect it and put into a portfolio of evidence.

The student’s portfolio should clearly show the evidence for the key competencies.

At the beginning of each Unit of Competency there will be a list outlining all of the key competencies of evidence that the student needs to achieve to meet the level of competence for that unit. If the student does not achieve those requirements then he or she will need to complete tasks that the assessor will set and then the student will submit them as further evidence for his or her portfolio.

Students must have evidence that they achieved the competencies for the assessor to make a valid judgement on the students’ competence. Sometimes a student will have to give more information to the assessor, and this might include interviews and tasks that the student will need to complete.

The student must complete the RPL process within the time frame agreed on by the assessor and the student at the time of the first interview. If the student is not able to complete this process within that time frame then he or she must contact the assessor and arrange for an extension of time.

TraineeshipsDSCN2776 307aeaf8c0

Wongutha CAPS offers Aboriginal School Based Traineeships to Students who have:

  • Completed Certificate 1 in their VET Industry Areas.
  • Completed one year of Workplace Learning.
  • Completed a full year at Wongutha CAPS.

The traineeships will include 624 hours of paid work with an Employer and studying in the subjects they choose.

Students will graduate with a certificate II in the traineeship Program of their choice.

Wongutha CAPS will provide strong mentoring and support and help students in their traineeships and to get their driver’s licence as well.

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