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Aboriginal School Based Trainee Program (ASBT)

The program began in 2008 providing additional skills and training for students who were unsure what they wanted to do when they left school. It gave opportunity to study, train and develop employability skills that would facilitate students into future employment. ASBT has provided a safe, constructive work environment that has allowed older students to return to school and complete a higher certificate of education.

Part time Students have studied Cert II courses in Agriculture, CALM, building & Construction, Business, Hospitality, Community services and Retail. We have had a full time trainee complete his Cert IV Agriculture and live in one of the independent units on the property.

There are a number of people in each of these groups that assist and support the Wongutha CAPS Aboriginal School Based Traineeship.

Every Organisation provides significant and valuable contribution to the students’ future Employment and life.   Each group has the same level of Importance, contributing tasks and supporting the Trainee.

Group Training Organisation :

Currently: SMYL or ATC 

The GTO employs you and finds you a suitable workplace.

Staff provides all the help and advice you need as you go through your training;

The group training organisation pays your wages.

Registered Training Organization

South Regional TAFE

Wongutha CAPS

Studies are completed either at the local TAFE in Esperance or at Wongutha depending on the course of study.          

Host Employer

Employers in Esperance

Wongutha CAPS Host employers provide on the job training in their workplace. Staff support and offer you direction and guidance.They also assess your work and give feedback to your group training organisation.

2017 Aboriginal School Based Trainees

Currently we have had two students complete their Cert II qualifications.

Sandy Lenmardi Business Cert II 2016-2017

Errol White Agriculture Cert II 2016-2107 

In 2017 we have two students studying Cert II Business at South Regional TAFE and working in local businesses one day / week, plus completing their Yr 12 studies.

We have 2 full time Trainees working on the farm.

There are 4 other part time farm trainees studying either CALM or Agriculture who hope to complete their training by the end of the year.